The KLAQ Balloonfest starts tomorrow and guess who's been added to Sunday? The Wyldz!!

The guys from The Wyldz will be joining us for the 30th Annual KLAQ Balloonfest on Sunday. Mitch Bassoul (Bass/Vocals), Alex Dhee (Guitar) and Oliv Porrini (Drums) are originally from Paris, France but have seen the light and moved to Austin, Texas.

In Paris, they met their manager, Haven Eskind. She offered her Austin home as a place to not only practice but, to live while they started to spread their wildness all over the world. Trust me, once you hear these guys, you are going to want their new album. Entitled "Interstellar Troubadours", it comes out Tuesday. Get yourself a little sneak peak Sunday!

The band plays Sunday, May 24th along with Sons of Texas and All That Remains. (Substituting for Flyleaf.) If you want to really make them feel welcome, sing along. Here is a lyric video to help you with the words so we can give the band a big El Chuco welcome.

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