By now, everyone is aware of my TikTok obsession. Maybe obsession is a strong word, but I'm an active TikTok lurker (follow me BTW). TikTok is actually a great place to get some creative ideas flowing- like tie dye. I have become a victim of tie dying! It's also great when you see someone from your hometown pop up on your "For You" page (kind of like the front page of your news feed that is curated based on other videos that you've liked).

Every time I see an El Pasoan's video on my For You page I get excited, and judging by the comments other El Pasoan's are excited to see the content too. So when this video from @gaucintv showed up on my feed I immediately stopped scrolling to watch. His video, entitled "Worst Drivers in El Paso Tx Pt 1", has about 3,000 views and 165 likes.


Where is the lie? In case you couldn't tell on the video, the four type of worst drivers are:

  • People with a "Beto for President" bumper sticker
  • People with Chihuahua license plates
  • People with an "El Paso Strong" sticker
  • People with the stick figure family sickers

El Paso is not exactly known for having the best drivers, FitFam is evidence of that. Maybe it's always been that way, or maybe it's only recently that you're seeing bad drivers? According to the Daily Mirror, one in five people say their driving skills got rusty during the quarantine. Next time you're on the road and find yourself getting cut off on I-10, or are stuck behind Driving Miss Daisy, try and see if you seen any of the stickers mentioned.

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