Have you caught yourself doing something over and over & over again with no idea WHY? Well today is National Repeat Day, a day that actually ENCOURAGES you to do something over and over and over again (see what I did there?).

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Whenever I think of "repeat day", I think of the movie "Groundhog Day", since it was the movie to make time loops famous & this clip definitely comes to mind...

So in honor of National Repeat Day, here are some of MY weirdest habits that I repeat CONSTANTLY that are acceptable during Repeat Day.

  • Checking the time: For some reason my brain has a hard time retaining time. I have a very bad habit of checking my phone or watch to see what time it is, only to have to look AGAIN literally SECONDS later. Same with...
  • Locking doors: Again, I have a bad habit of telling myself "hey you locked the door. it's ok." I always end up having to walk BACK to my car, or front door, to make sure I absolutely, am 100% sure, that I locked my door. And even then... I'm not so sure...
  • Saying simple phrases like "Thank you", "ok", or "I'm sorry": We all have that friend that repeat things or thank someone constantly. And for my friends, most of the time, I AM the somebody... I like to show my thanks & I'm very apologetic.
  • Clicking my pens: Unless you want me to constantly press on the part of a pen that retracts & extends the point to write with, don't give me those types of pens because more than likely I WILL be THAT GUY clicking my pen.
  • Listening to the same song: I think this is one we all can agree we've done at one point. Whenever we hear a song that's SO GOOD, you just gotta listen to it again...and again (especially when it comes to Rush).
  • Rewatch a movie or YouTube clip: Sometimes it's GOOD to rewatch something because you might forget a small detail, or overlook something. Or maybe it's just THAT good.
  • Proofread: I NEVER trust my writing the first time so I'm constantly looking over my phrasing, my diction, whether or not the sentence even makes sense & sometimes I can have up to over a dozen revisions, even on the same sentence.

So remember, if you end up doing something AGAIN, it's ok, I repeat, It's OK cause it's National Repeat Day.

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