Our city experienced the worst day ever in history on Saturday, August 3, 2019. Everyone can recall what they were doing and where they were that tragic day. That day a heartless man decided to drive here to El Paso and give us the biggest heartache. Tourists who choose to visit our city always have nice things to say about how welcoming we are. Heck, El Paso, Texas even ranked in 2nd place for the most family-friendly city. For a man (who I won't even credit his name) to come to our city and perform a cruel act didn't break us but only made us stronger. He shot 46 people inside and outside of Walmart by Cielo Vista. We lost 23 beautiful individuals on Saturday, August 3, and will forever remember them. Earlier this year there were rumors about Charlie Minn working on a documentary about that day. Turns out, there was confirmation that the rumor was in fact true. The documentary about that horrific day was supposed to be released last month.

Well, July came and went but nothing came about except for a trailer of the documentary. Charlie Minn jumped at the opportunity to direct the film telling the story about that day. The film will be called 915 and won't be able to be reviewed until later. It is set to open at Bassett Place Mall on October 9, 2020, before it is released to other cities. You will see some victims telling their story of the traumatizing events they experienced that day. August 3, is the day we all became united and El Paso Strong due to a careless act by an outsider.

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