The Walking Dead is coming to an end this Sunday. To celebrate the season finale, grab some friends and some brains. A Philadelphia brewing company has created a American Pale Stout that has some extra special flavor.

Dock Street Brewing Company has created a beer with typical ingredients like oats, flaked barley, organic cranberry and malted wheat but they had to add something extra special to honor this hit show.

They came up with the decision to add brains. Don't panic they aren't human. Smoked goat brains have been added to the mix to give the beer an "intriguing, subtle smoke notes."

Dock Street cleverly named this creation, "Dock Street Walker", which is pretty perfect. The use of cranberry adds a crazy blood hue and slight tartness. They also mention that "when you use every part of an animal not only does it increases and encourages substantially, but also honors the animal's life and death."

They will be releasing this beer on March 30th and have a Walking Dead season finale viewing party, outside the brewery. I really wish I lived in Philadelphia right now. What other crazy beers have you heard of or tried?

Don't forget to watch The Walking Dead season finale on March 30th. Here is a sneak peek of the finale! See I didn't spoil anything for you, yet. Click if you can't wait!