Japan is taking the initiative to make lazy people become even lazier. If you hate walking, running or even moving at all then this is the gadget for you.

The "Walk Car" is an adorable little device created by Kuniako Saito that looks similar to a Macbook on wheels. You simply let the machine carry you to where ever it possibly can on it's four tiny wheels. As long as you weigh no more than 265 pounds, you can ride around your neighborhood, house and college campus at a slightly faster pace.

You can reach up to 6.3 mph on this bad boy. If you're feeling a little fast and furious you could possibly reach 7.4 when the Walk Car is fully charged. Well you can't image it going any faster due to is only weighing between 4.4 and 6.6 pounds.

If you are wanting to carry one of these new gadgets around and eventually use it when you find the proper environment, you can order one for $800. I rather use that money for towards an actual macbook, instead of a skate board that was made from all the old Apple products. No actual Apple products were used/harmed in the making of this Walk Car.

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