An insane dash cam video caught a mini tornado blowing away a little white vehicle in the streets of Taiwan. Typhoon Soudelor is said to be the cause of the tornado, and you can see just how powerful the cyclone is in this video.

On Saturday, Typhoon Soudelor made landfall and brought winds of 120 mph and 50 inches of rain. This video was posted on Sunday, so I can only imagine how powerful the storm was when it first touched land. As you can see in the video, the person filming was incredibly lucky that they just missed being in the way of the mini tornado, but one little car was swept away. The car disappears into the little tornado along with tons of debris.

Six people were reported to have died due to Typhoon Soudelor in Tawain, while 14 people have been reported to have died in China. This environmental disaster has forced thousands to evacuate the east coast of the country.