CrimeCon has come and gone! If you aren't aware, Crime Con is like the Comic Con of true crime! It has everything a true crime lover could ask for; from the latest cases to the latest scientific techniques. From the newest TV shows and docs to the best podcasts in the world-CrimeCon is the platform that delivers it all!

All of us on the MoSho found out about CrimeCon back in 2019 and we were hoping to plan something to be able to head out as a show in 2020, but, you, know, COVID. This year, the CrimeCon was held in Austin, which would have been great to go to if we knew it was back on! But, I digress. Here's hoping we can go to CrimeCon next year- it'll be in Vegas!

Maybe it's because I've got CrimeCon on the brain, or because I've been watching a lot of "CSI" and "Cold Case", but it got me thinking, we're all true crime aficionados, how great would it be if we each held a panel? Better yet, what kind of crime shows would we be in?

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Let's start with Brandon:
Brandon would totally be part of a forensics type of show. Brandon wouldn't be victim though, or a perpetrator, but he'd be the host, mainly so we could hear Brandon say "but they forgot about that pesky DNA".

Lisa would be part of a "Snapped" typed of show, or one where a woman is scorned. Maybe she's the scorned woman, maybe she's just the host- really it could go either way!

I would like to believe that Buzz would be in a show that delves deep into the mind of a killer. A sort of "Mind Hunter" or "Criminal Minds" type of show. It would be like putting a puzzle together, except the puzzle is the killers brain and we all know that Buzz loves puzzles!

I like to think I'd be part of a cold case type of show- hearing old stories of yesteryear and solving old cases and filling in the blanks- much like I do on the MoSho, when Buzz's memory fails him, I fill in the rest.

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