The latest episode of ABC's '20/20' involves a story that begins in Stephenville, Texas and the main suspect once lived in El Paso, Texas.

ABC's "20/20: There is a Monster In Me" begins in the self-proclaimed Cowboy capital of the world where we hear the story of Susan Woods. Described as fun and cute- one day she encounters a man named Michael Woods- who she fell in love with.

Michael was a bad boy- and Susan liked it! But just as quickly as they fell in love, their relationship fizzled. Several years after Susan and Michael got married- she was found in a grisly scene; murdered in her bathtub. From the minute it happened, Michael was the prime suspect.

Now, Susan was raised in Stephenville, Michael was born in Indianapolis but moved to El Paso when he was in the second grade. An aspiring musician, Michael relocated to Virginia and eventually to Stephenville where he met Susan. However, Stephenville wasn't helping his music career and they moved back and first between El Paso and Stephenville.

Who killed Susan Woods? This insane story takes several twists and turns. It even involves the game "Dungeons and Dragons", which we all know began the so called "Satanic Panic" of the 70's and 80's.

Clint Bustrillos via Unsplash
Clint Bustrillos via Unsplash

The evidence was damning towards Michael, and I won't tell you how this ends, but you might find yourself asking "did this former El Pasoan kill his wife?!". It will take decades before we find out who killed Susan Woods. You can check out the episode on Hulu.

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