If you ever had to give something up to get on an airplane, the government is probably selling it online. 

The TSA constantly seizes stuff from people boarding airplanes. Knives, box cutters, multi-tools, throwing stars, whatever the hell this is, etc...  Always looking to make a buck ... to make up for all the bucks it loses or overpays for things presumably ... the government is selling used/confiscated items at govdeals.com. (If you want to go right to the TSA seized stuff, click here.)

Some items are available singularly, others must be purchased in bulk. The prices are pretty cheap though and, since Texas just eased it's knife regulations, now's a great time to get yourself something nice!

Look around and see what other used items the government bought for hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars that you can now snag cheap. You never know, that Firetruck you've always wanted could be yours after all.

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