Hopefully you're not planning on dressing up as one of these ten costumes that are considered offensive! I understand it's Halloween but these costumes are just classless and uncool.

Some of us struggle every year deciding on what to be for Halloween and hopefully you won't ever be one of these ten. The Talko gives you the Top 10 costumes that people find very offensive. A friend of mine was President Trump, and well he had a few customers that didn't approve. Of course President Trump is a hated man by many so it's understanding why people were rude to my friend. But as for the rest of these costumes that were up to purchase were given bad reviews by many. Another one that some women have used was the "Parisian Heist Victim kit" that is Kim Kardashian when she was robbed in Paris.

Hopefully you're planning on being anything else but these top 10 most offensive costumes for Halloween!