If you're planning on caking on the Halloween makeup, it will be easy to remove with this one product from home! A lot of friends of mine have had trouble removing their makeup from the night before.

Minsooky shows you a way on how to remove all that gunk from your face without hurting your skin. The only ingredient you need is something you use to cook with from the kitchen. The woman in the video above shows you how easy one product removes the Halloween makeup. The ingredient she relied on to remove all the makeup was coconut oil. Which coconut oil is actually good for your skin, hair as well as cooking. After using coconut oil to remove your Halloween makeup,  wash your face with your face soap.  I actually use coconut oil for my face only after a shower which has helped my skin a lot.

This tip will save you from scraping your skin to where you're left with redness and a burning sensation!

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