It always gets dark earlier in winter, everyone knows that, but; today it seemed to get dark wayyy early. I mean stupid early. 

Today I was actually starting to think maybe the time had changed again. (Which in and of itself is another awesome argument against flipping the clocks back and forth every year...) Or that, maybe, the lunar eclipse I read about was actually a solar one?  Maybe?  Could I finally be losing (what's left of) my mind?!?!

Imagine my relief when I remembered I was working Scott Ronsons shift today. WHEW!  3p - 7p instead of 10a -3p!  Man, what a load off my mind. 

I left a note taped to the control board in case Scott's out again tomorrow.  I don't want to go through that again.  I've had enough for today .. going home, getting a beer and sitting in my closet.  Thank you and good night!


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