Twice a year, the United States changes the time. Something that annoys the hell out of some people while others barely even notice it.

It seems like just about every year, there's talk of abolishing the yearly daylight saving time flip flop. This year, we'll move our clocks back at 2am on November 5th.

Those measures never seem to pass even though several parts of the United States don't participate in this annual time traveling event.

This isn't a "modern" idea. Daylight Saving Time, (DST), was first brought up publicly in 1907 by William Willett in "The Waste of Daylight".

The thought of using daylight more efficiently goes back much further though, Benjamin Franklin first proposed it in 1784.

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I bet those guys would vote against keeping DST.

This year, we adjust our clocks ... and screw up our plans and appointments for the next couple of days ... on November 5th.

Not everyone does this though, Hawaii and, (most of), Arizona said no thanks when the policy was first adopted in 1966.

Around the world, not every country observes DST, which is what will affect some El Pasoans.

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Juarez, and the rest of Mexico, will not adjust their clocks so El Pasoans who go back and forth and/or do business in Juarez and/or Mexico will need to keep that in mind.

Moving forward, for about half the year, Juarez and El Paso will not be synched up.

On the upside, partiers get an extra hour at the bar on November 5th.

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