This summer 60 Minutes Australia did a special edition on the tallest man in the world! The tallest man in the world goes by the name of Igor. Igor is a whopping 8 feet tall and continues to keep growing. The news basically in a nonchalant way broadcasted a live personal ad. They mentioned how Igor was funny, charming, and has the biggest smile ever. Now if I were responsible for his personal ad it would be exactly like the list down below. I believe Igor has the upper hand when it comes to finding love. He has some great qualities every woman would want in a man. Igor was featured on the news for the unique height he holds that gets him noticed right away. Igor would make a great bouncer at a nightclub or bar because no brawls would occur.

I am surprised no one has wifed up Igor already for all the great qualities he has!

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    Best Concert Buddy

    Igor can pretty much give you the best seat in the house! His height can really have the both of you noticed by the band/artist performing at the concert!

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    Sweep You Off Your Feet

    The best thing about hugging someone so tall is when they sweep you off your feet! It's like you're a kid again being swung around. Now, Igor is 8 ft tall and will give the best bear hugs ever!

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    Humble and Kind

    Igor has the kindest heart that anyone wouldn't ever want to break. He is close to his mother and has a strong bond. Usually, they say that a man who is close to his mother has a tender heart. He literally has the biggest heart and wants to share it with someone else.

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    Over sized Shirts and Hoodies

    The cold times are upon us and ladies love to steal men's hoodies! It's also the best feeling when they have those worn out hoodies. But Igor's hoodie will feel just like a blanket wrapped around you.