Remember how you would hear Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metallica a lot on the Himalaya? Well, they only preferred to play top and classic rock for your thrilling ride. I know someone who used to work at Western Playland and run the Himalaya ride. He was telling me how that ride would stick strictly to rock music and nothing else. He also mentioned that if he played house music he would get kicked off from operating it. Did you ever notice the music the times you spent in line waiting or when you were finally on it? It is cool to see they still use KLAQ banners on that ride. The majority of the time I was riding the Himalaya to Stone Temple Pilots. I have been waiting for the day I get lucky and hear the Deftones on the Himalaya. Don't get me wrong but I enjoy hearing rock n' roll but also enjoy other types too. I just recently saw someone's latest video and come to my surprise it was not the usual rock music! It seems like they may have changed the rules and playing a variety of different genres. Do you remember the last time you rode on the Himalaya and what music played?

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