Today, Steve-O brought his Peruvian rescue dog, Wendy, into the studio for his appearance on the morning show. Here's the heartwarming story of how they met. Steve-O is known for all of his crazy antics and all the wild stunts he pulls off. But there's one heartwarming story that fans all over the world adore- the story of how he rescued his dog Wendy from Peru.

In January 2018, Steve-O was in Peru filming the Youtube mountaineering series "Ultimate Expedition" when he decided he wanted to find a street dog to accompany him on his Peruvian adventures. He bought some dog food and went around looking for his perfect partner. None of the street dogs wanted anything to do with him, except for Wendy. He fed and pet the dog for a bit, but had to go inside of a building that didn't allow dogs and thought that was it, he'd never see Wendy again. Later that night Wendy appeared with some friends for Steve-O to pet and proceeded to follow the group back to their hotel. He tried sneaking Wendy into his room but the hotel wouldn't allow it, so he decided to at least give the dog a bath then decide where to sleep. Steve-O and Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy (who was also on the show) gave Wendy a bath then set up a tent outside so he could sleep with the dog that night. Even though Wendy was able to leave the tent if she wished, the dog slept right next to him the entire night.

The next morning, Steve-O took Wendy to the vet and she was vaccinated, washed up and ready to head out on all his adventures while in Peru. When they were done filming the series, Wendy flew back to Los Angeles where she will live the rest of her life in luxury at Steve-O's side. Wendy now has 247,000 followers on Instagram and is an internet-famous pooch, but she doesn't let that get to her head. While the morning show chatted with Steve-O, Wendy took a nice relaxing nap on Buzz's futon and allowed Lisa to pet her and tell her how beautiful she is. Steve-O and Wendy's story is so amazing and he hopes it will inspire others to consider adopting an animal in need when looking for their family pet. You can follow Wendy on Instagram and read more about their story on Steve-O's website.

Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez

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