Since the whole petition about the black hole being named after Chris Cornell had me wonder something. I began thinking about our bright star on the mountain and what iconic El Pasoan it should be named after. I made sure this list of names would be sure to keep your options open. These names are your options Khalid, John Moyer of Disturbed, Aaron Jones running back for the Packers, Beto O' Rourke future Presidential candidate, and Lee Trevino a professional Golfer, Mike Price, or Don Haskins. Who do you think seems fitting for this BIG honor? If we were given the choice to vote, who would you want the star to be named after? Every person I listed accomplished their dream and have shown love for El Paso. You remember Aaron Jones throwing up the 9 1 5 or how Khalid mentions El Paso in his speeches. So punch your vote in the non-existing petition on who should have the star on the mountain below!

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