If you were one of the people who missed out on the solar eclipse, no worries since the footage a flight passenger caught a better glimpse for you! If you also missed the solar eclipse this footage is way worth a see than the view you had yesterday.

Aska News published their video on the solar eclipse mid flight that is way worth a minute of your time. Also, The International Space Station thought it would be a good idea to pull off the greatest photobomb during the solar eclipse. Of course we could not see the photobomb but NASA's very own Astrophotographer Joel Kowsky captured a once in a lifetime photo. A tiny ISS was passing right in front of the sun that was caught in the pictures Joel was capturing. Instead of seeing photos of the solar eclipse on your friends social media, check out this video above.

Hopefully for the next one we can all be prepared and have the proper eye protection to be a part of the big bang next time!

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