Everyone is talking about Netflix's hit Korean series "Squid Game". I feel like it kind of blew up overnight. It premiered on Netflix on September 17th and has been the most talked about show since!

I hadn't even heard of it until I finished a different Netflix series, "Midnight Mass", and was shown the trailer, if you haven't heard anything about this show, check out the trailer below:

It's basically an escape room on steroids.

The show's influence is already at an all time high as the NY Post states that the #SquidGame has over 14 billion videos on TikTok alone. It's not surprising, though, after I started watching it last night, I became instantly invested in the series.

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It very much has a "Battle Royale"/"Hunger Games" feel to it. The only difference here is that it's adults, and the even more insane premise here is that it's all based on games you would play as kids; the first episode, and the first game they play is "red light, green light".

While watching the show, I tried to envision how I would do if I were to end up in the squid game; by the way, there is a reason it's called "squid game" and it's explained at the very beginning of the first episode. Anyway, I tried to guess if I could even survive that first game- my initial thought was "hell no I wouldn't survive that!" however, a quiz I took online says different.

If you have seen the show, or even if you haven't, and are wondering if you would survive the games, take this quiz and see if you could endure the games and walk away with billions at the end.

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