Maybe you know Greg Sestero from his role as "Mark, the best friend" from the 2002 movie "The Room".

Maybe you're familiar with the award-winning movie they made based on the book he wrote about making "The Room".

Greg Sestero was in town last week and kindly dropped by the studio to talk to the Morning Show. All of us are pretty big fans of "The Room" so it was a real treat to get to talk to somebody who is a bona fide part of movie history. It's kind of weird, so-bad-it's-good movie history. But, history nonetheless.  Greg was a great guest and didn't mind answering all of our questions (although, he would neither confirm nor deny that Tommy Wiseau is actually a 4,000 year old vampire who gets his sustenance from the ironic laughter of Gen-Xers.

Here's part of our visit with Greg Sistero, author of "The Disaster Artist".


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