I normally use Scenic Drive as my route to work and have finally realized why Scenic can't have nice things. Almost every other week some part of the rock wall is being fixed due to being hit. Once they finish re-building one part, another part of the rock wall needs repairs down the road. It's rare to hear the news report an accident on Scenic Drive. Although, it's never rare to see a couple of orange cones guarding the broken rock wall as your driving along Scenic. I am glad to know no one has been seriously injured from their run-in with the rock wall. We don't know the cause for every section of the wall that's hit on Scenic Drive. But one time around 11 pm I was driving to Central and witnessed a deer that almost had me crash into the wall. Scenic Drive is the place we either love to be romantic at or have some alone time to gather our thoughts. Place your vote down below on why someone has an accident on Scenic Drive.

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