Funny how I just got my yearly eye exam done today.

In 2009, Billy Owen was married, had a 6-month old son and was a successful motorcycle mechanic. At the time he was having headaches and couldn't breathe because his right nostril was completely plugged.

Doctors gave him decongestants thinking it was sinusitis. Then, his wife suggested he head over to a specialist since the problem was not going away. On February 13, 2009 he was diagnosed with Sinonasal Undifferentiated Cacinoma (SNUC), a rare cancer affecting the nasal cavity with a 10% chance of survival. Read more of SNUC here.

By this time, the cancer had spread that Doctors had to remove half his face. Including his entire right eyeball, muscles and nerves. Though he feels as this changed his life for the better, he cannot continue his career as a mechanic. Says there is too much at risk if he would accidently miss something.

Owen now performs as a zombie on music videos and at haunted houses like The Goretorium in Las Vegas (that is pretty cool if you ask me!) He says that the worst part is that phantom itch where his eye used to be, he reaches and there's nothing there.

He was featured in a recent episode of "Freakshow" where he told his story and touched everyone with his bravery and willingness to see things positive.