Happy day after Independence day! It was a strange one this year, because, you know, pandemic. Fireworks were banned in our county this year as were gatherings of more than ten people. I'm sure lots of people followed that mandate, except for the several people in my neighborhood who were still popping fireworks at three in the morning. I know i'm getting older because I was super annoyed at fireworks. But I digress.

I'm sure everyone had to find creative ways to get the whole family involved, and I hope some of you got to enjoy some awesome fourth of July movies! At my house, it's become kind of a tradition to watch the movie "Independence Day". If you've never seen this iconic film- you should! It's a great movie starring the Fresh Prince himself Will Smith, pop culture icon Jeff Goldblum, and zaddy Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore as they fight to save not only America but the world from an alien attack. It also contains one of the best speeches from a President in a film EVER!

Just as President Whitmore gave American's the speech we needed to defeat the aliens on that Independence day in 1996, he has come back in 2020 to give us another very important speech- this time on wearing a mask.

All great points made by former President Whitmore. In all seriousness, wear a mask (especially in Texas if you're in a county with 20 or more active cases) wash your hands, and stay safe, from both the virus and aliens.

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