Pope-mania continues as the "Papa" tours America and now, well, things are getting weird.

Pope Francis is turning the Catholic church on its ear. His progressive stance, and his reshaping of certain Catholic church doctrines, have made him quite a polarizing pontiff. That, along with his deep and abiding love for pizza, has really helped him reach the younger Catholics. Nuns even tailgate before his appearances. Yeah, the Pope rocks.

Literally. According to Rolling Stone magazine, he's releasing a rock album in November. They wrote:

"Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!" finds Pope Francis addressing a South Korean audience in English last year amid atmospheric synths, trumpeting horns and skyscraping electric guitars reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. "Wake up / Wake up," The Pope tells his audience, "No one who sleeps can sing, dance and rejoice," as he urges them to wake up and go.

Nice, the Pope's dope!