Pope Francis is due to visit Manila next week and traffic is expected to be a huge mess. (No pun intended.)

To ease the traffic issues, Manila's traffic '5-Oh' will not leave their posts. At all.

A "s*** load" (no pun intended) of folks are expected to greet Pope Francis so the Po-Po have been ordered to wear diapers.  That way, natures call doesn't interfere with the smooth flow (no pun intended) of traffic as thousands greet the Pope.

Manila chairman Francis Tolentino warns there won't be enough public toilets available to handle the huge crowds needs so he's advising everybody to bust out the depends.  The same orders for cops ... and advice to the faithful ... also apply to the upcoming Black Nazarene procession.

Those pissed off (pun intended) about the lack of toilets can just watch it on tv!