24/7 Wall Street just put out a list of the poorest towns (it's almost always a town as opposed to a city) in each of the 50 states. Well, the absolute POOREST town in all of Texas...and, believe me, there are some pooooooor towns in Texas...is in our listening area. If you want to just jump to it you can do that here. If you're more the fun-loving type, we can turn it into a game. Yes? Awesome! Here are the clues.

  • This is the hometown of one of our co-workers who often makes appearances on the Buzz Adams Morning Show.
  • Despite being the ONLY town in Texas where over half of all households live on less than $25,000 a year, some of the property appraisals there went up by 400% or more.
  • We once did an entire show from there. It was fun!
  • The poverty rate there is 48.8%, also a statewide worst. The poverty rate for all of Texas is 16.7%
  • The people there are so poor, they have never heard of fancy exotic cuisine like, "veal Parmesan".
  • The are completely unaware of such modern marvels as "revolving doors" and "DOUBLE-wide trailers".
  • When our co-worker was told that her town was the poorest in Texas she said, "I thought for sure it would be Tornillo".

Have you gotten it yet? It's Intern Emily (now Digital Managing Editor Emily) and she is from the poorest town in Texas, Fabens! Congrats, girl! For years we've given Emily a hard time because she won a company trip to New York and she was telling us about all the crazy food she ate (the veal parmesan reference) and how she had never seen a revolving door before going to the airport (which she had also never seen). I refer to Emily as "our little country mouse". I don't think she'd ever seen a bigger town than El Paso before that New York trip so I've got to imagine flying through DFW must have been like flying into Wakanda for her.

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