Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day! We couldn’t decide specifically what we want today’s Mt. Rushmore to be but we knew we wanted it to be Star Wars. So we left it up to you, our beloved audience. And you responded by picking the most uninteresting option on the list. It’ could have been “Worst Star Wars Characters” or “Best Star Wars Characters that Were on Screen for 10 seconds Or Less”. But, NOOOOOO. Instead we’re doing…

The Mr. Rushmore of Greatest Star Wars Characters.


1.) Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

Sorry…”Spoiler Alert”. We didn’t know it when the first trilogy came out, but “Star Wars” is actually NOT the story of Luke Skywalker; it’s the story of his father. His rise, his seduction to the dark side and, ultimately, his redemption. Also, Vader is a badass. So, it’s a no-brainer.

2.) Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ben is actually the Yin to Vader’s Yang. He’s the Abel to Vader’s Cain.

3.) Han Solo

Ha! You thought the last two would be Luke and Leia, didn’t you?? Well, Han Solo gets our third spot (aka: “The Roosevelt”). It’s because he’s the COOLEST character in the first three movies. Trust me. I was in 4th grade when the first movie came out. When we would play Star Wars on the playground NOBODY wanted to be Luke Skywalker. If you were a boy, you wanted to be Han Solo. If you were a girl you had to be Leia. Sorry, ladies, those were your only options in 1977.

4.) Yoda

I was over-ruled on this one. I thought it should be Luke. I mean, it is HIS Hero’s Journey. But, I got out-voted by the rest of the show…because Lisa and Joanna LIKE BABY YODA!

SERIOUSLY! The was their entire argument. “I love Baby Yoda, therefore Yoda should be on the Mt Rushmore! I’m an idiot!”

Yoda IS an awesome character, however. I’m hoping his appearance on The Mandelorian plays out like an intergalactic version of “Maury”.

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