The other day on the morning show, we discussed the most overrated TV shows according to each state. Shows that, for the most part, we all watch made the list. "The Simpson's," "Game of Thrones," "Rick and Morty," and "The Office" all top the list of most overrated shows. One show we all were shocked to see on the list, "Parks & Rec" was labeled most overrated by states like Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri and New Mexico.

I was a little shocked to see what show Texas labeled as most overrated. I would have thought it was "Friends." Mainly because I think that show is definitely overrated. I started watching it when I thought it was leaving Netflix, and then Brandon gave me a list of essential "Friends" episode I should watch. I'll admit they were pretty funny, but, for the most part, I found it to be a bit annoying. Also, it's set in New York City, don't most Texans scoff at the thought of living in New York City? "Friends" was most definitely not my cup of tea.

Texans have labeled "The Walking Dead" as the most overrated show on TV. Texas isn't alone, though, other states like Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, also think that "The Walking Dead" is the most overrated TV show. I have to admit that it's been awhile since I've seen "The Walking Dead," in some way I haven't fully recovered from the brutal death of Glenn and Abraham, but I wouldn't call it the most overrated show on TV!

Reviews.Org has a whole explanation of how they figured out what TV show each state found overrated, and even the author of the article is shocked that "Parks & Rec" even made the list! Maybe every show becomes a little overrated, but NEVER, NEVER "Parks & Rec," how dare you!

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