Usually when we have a mental health concern we rely on using Google. I actually am guilty for what Texans most Googled mental health concern came to be. This recent study highlighted important subjects that Minnesota, Wyoming, and New Mexico had in common. New Mexico, Minnesota, and Wyoming's most googled health concerns turned out to be alcoholism. I assumed that Nevada would be a part of the alcoholism category like New Mexico and the other two. Instead, Nevada's most Googled mental health concern is insomnia which sounds about right.

But as for Texas, our most Googled mental health concern we have searched for is phobias. It doesn't surprise me because when I mention to people I have coulrophobia they Google it. It feels good to know that I am not the only Texan with a phobia since that is the most googled mental health concern for Texans. The top 3 across the nation were internet addiction, major depressive disorder, and memory loss.


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