During a pandemic, you would think there would be fewer cars on the road, right? Nope.

In fact, the traffic seems the same as it did before the pandemic hit us. Plus the amount of road construction going on all over El Paso doesn't make it any easier.

Traffic doesn't only occur on major highways or freeways during the holidays. Shopping outlets like our Simon malls, Fountains at Farah, The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, Target, Walmart, and more deal with their own traffic. As it is with the amount of road construction going on, the holidays like to throw an extra load of traffic our way.

Well, for me I think the most frustrating thing in El Paso during the holidays is the traffic. It's no surprise people just decide to do their Christmas shopping online and have it delivered to their homes. We all know that feeling of dread before pulling in to find parking and waiting forever to exit.

There are some areas where the traffic on a busy road collide with traffic coming and going from shopping centers. Areas with heavy traffic, in my opinion, during the holidays are Gateway West at Hawkins, George Deiter, Talbot Avenue, Gateway West at Geronimo, Joe Battle and that's only a few to name.

The other day I had ordered some things to be picked up from Target and oh boy the traffic was insane. It was so bad that just to get in and out of the parking lot took longer than it did to get my stuff. I know there are others out there that have a totally different opinion. I know some people who enjoy shopping for the entire family tree but secretly get frustrated about the wrapping part. Then there are some who feel frustrated about gaining a few extra pounds from all the tamales they've been eating.

Since I have shared my holiday frustration with you share yours with me by picking yours below.

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