In case you missed it, today on the Morning Show we got to hear a Scottish guy recite his list of demands should he ever wind up in a coma. TikTok user @Paulbiack has gone viral after posting his demands that require a weekly shave, pop culture updates, someone to keep his social media going so no one forgets him and Lady Gaga's album "Chromatica" played for him, among others.

His video has been watched over 400 thousand times, and has received over 70K likes. It's no surprise, the video is hilarious, even thought the topic is a little dark.

While playing back the video on the show, we all came up with our own list of demands should any of us ever wind up in a coma.

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  • Eyelashes done once a week- don't put the cheap ones she wants the luminous ones.
  • Someone to moisturize her skin- she doesn't want ashy arms.
  • Floss and brush her teeth
  • Someone to put Blistex on her lips so she won't get chapped lips


  • Someone to do my six step skincare routine- I want my face washed, toned and moisturized and my eye serum applied. This will also include putting Chapstick on so I don't get chapped lips.
  • Play the "Oops...I did it again" album by Britney Spears played for me
  • Play my favorite movies like "The Goonies" and "Scream"
  • Give me daily updates on Britney Spears


  • Brandon doesn't really care because he says he'll be in a coma anyway, however, if possible to have out of body experiences he will haunt the hell out of the people who have wronged him
  • Someone to give him beard trimmings and to shave his head

And finally, Buzz

  • Buzz wants to be kept alive at ALL COSTS- even if they show no brain activity. Money is not an issue, he just wants everything done to be kept alive.
  • Buzz said that he always hears people say "I don't want to be a burden" well he wants to be the biggest burden ever
  • If he does die, he wants his body frozen so they can study whatever it was that killed him- probably the lack of water.

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