Metallica is hands down one of the greatest bands of all time. I'm not the only one who says that either. So when trying to pick a favorite by them, it's insanely hard. You can easily make a top 50 and STILL miss a song or two. So that's why I went online & asked El Paso: What's your favorite Metallica song?

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We asked on Facebook & Instagram & you were more than happy to oblige...

To my surprise we DID get some mentions of more recent Metallica songs from Death Magnetic. The most common one was The Day That Never Comes. There was also love for Halo On Fire & Spit Out the Bone from Self Destruct.

We've seen some love be given to the 90s. Obviously the Black album was shown some love with songs like Wherever I May Roam & The Unforgiven.

And yes we even saw love for the Load & Reload albums; Until it Sleeps & Bleeding Me were big ones.

But the most popular era, by far, was the 80s. Every album, Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, & ...And Justice For All all had songs that were favored by El Paso.

Songs like Creeping Death,



For Whom The Bell Tolls,

Seek & Destroy,

Master of Puppets,

& Fade to Black were among the most common choices.

We had at least over 50 different responses to what the best Metallica song was; some hits & some that were hidden gems!

If you want to leave YOUR favorite Metallica song, feel free to leave your responses on our Facebook page. If you want to see what your fellow El Pasoan chose for THEIR favorite Metallica song, you can see many different songs down below.

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These Are The Metallica Songs El Paso Will Make Sure EVERYONE Hears

When you ask what the greatest Metallica song is, you'll get many different choices. We asked El Paso what THEIR favorites were & we got many great choices.

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