Depending on the time you will encounter long lines and waits in El Paso at different spots. But, if I had to be the judge about where the longest wait is in El Paso that should be simple.

The waiting line at the bank is a piece of cake and NOTHING compared to the wait on a late Friday afternoon at I-10 West and Exit 22B.

Well, last Wednesday N. Mesa St. and I-10 West had the longest wait, ever. But the difference between that traffic from that accident is that it isn't reoccurring like the traffic on I-10 West at exit 22b just after Raynolds St.

I mean, yes, we have spontaneous accidents at times but the traffic that you can definitely rely on seeing after 4 pm every Friday is always on Exit 22b.

One late Friday afternoon after picking up my curbside essentials from Target I took I-10 West when I should have gone through Montana Avenue. Well, from I-10 West I need to take exit 22b to head home, and well that exit takes you to Juarez which is left, or connect to the Patriot Freeway that is right.

It took me quite a while just to finally squeeze my way in to take exit 22b to get the Patriot Freeway. You can see all the bright red lights lined up whether you're passing by on I-10 West or driving right by the lane packed with cars going to the left that connects to Juarez.

I got used to the Juarez ramp being closed but now I take an alternate route which is Montana Avenue to connect to Patriot Freeway or the 601 Spur home. Now, a lot of people including me have complained about Montwood Dr. and N. Zaragoza Road. having a long wait but I believe that is also nothing compared to exit 22b. Can you name a longer wait in El Paso that you think would beat the wait time at exit 22b on a late Friday afternoon? Take the poll below.

Worst Wait Ever in El Paso

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