The Las Vegas shooters' father once made the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list after escaping from nearby La Tuna prison.

Patrick B. Paddock, (aka Benjami Hoskins Paddock) was arrested for bank robbery in 1960 and sentenced to 20 years at La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution in Anthony, Texas. In February of 1969, he was charged with "Violation Of Escape".

According to an article in Newsweek MagazinePaddock was described as:

having a scar above his right eyebrow and as an "avid bridge player." The notice also said that he had been "diagnosed as psychopathic," and that he might be suicidal and "should be considered armed and very dangerous".  Life magazine published his "wanted" picture.

The article also said that Paddock was wanted by the FBI until 1977, was eventually arrested in 1978 and that he died in 1998. His son killed 58 people and wounded over 500 this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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