This Good Burger reunion really was All That you can imagine.

My childhood was filled with Nickelodeon shows. My favorite was the sketch show All That which helped launch the careers of Gabriel Iglesias, Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon and Kenan Thompson. Jimmy Fallon made some '90s kids extremely happy by inviting Thompson and Kel Mitchell to reunited in such a beautiful way.

Kenan and Kel make some beautiful comedy, and we were all reminded about it last night on Fallon's The Tonight Show. Jimmy was reminiscing about his former job at "Good Burger," where he worked with Kel's famous Ed character from the original All That sketch. That was also made into a movie, which some may hate but I really love.

Kenan didn't dress up as his Good Burger persona but as another All That character, Lester Oaks, construction worker. It was a great reunion that really made my day because I do still love to watch some old Kenan & Kel show reruns.

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