Yep, it's another one of those "only in Florida ... or possibly New Mexico" ... stories. A couple on their way to a baby shower in Florida, stopped at a Goodwill store buy a gift.

Big spenders, huh?? Anyway, they found a good deal on a baby bouncer and, when they opened it, they found that the previous owner left an assault rifle hidden under the mattress. (Fortunately, they did remember to keep their kid though.) Note: Folks, if you're going to hide your weapons under your newborns, make sure your better half knows. If he/she needs crack money in a hurry, you may lose your rifle.

They opened the gift at the party, found the rifle and called the cops who initially said they could keep the weapon. Later though, the police asked for the rifle back. They got to keep the bouncer.

In case you're wondering, and you know you are, here are the El Paso area Goodwill locations.

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