Did you ever notice one particular decorated house at East Ridge that no longer exists? Well, THAT house was my very favorite to see at the East Ridge Christmas Lights with my family.

I noticed last year the Texas A&M and ginormous star signs were not set up at the usual house. Every year I would go with my family I would always take a picture of that house. Recently a little after Thanksgiving on my drive home from work, I saw THE sign... LITERALLY! One of the houses up on the mountain what seems to be on Kingery Dr. has the exact star decorations up. You can't really tell if where the stars are on the front or the back of the house. So if you're ever about to get on Scenic Drive from the Westside you will notice the house up on the mountain.

If you're like me and considered that Texas A&M house a favorite, take the poll below if you miss passing by it at East Ridge.

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