Summer is here which means one thing: day drinking! Okay, it means a lot of other things, but day drinking at barbeques is definitely on the list. The heat is getting stronger and there's nothing better than an ice cold hard seltzer!

These days, there's so many hard seltzers to choose from: Bud Light, Topo Chico, Michelob Ultra, and now, coming to a cooler near you: Hallmark Hard seltzer. That's right, the channel that dedicates a majority of their programming to Christmas movies, is now bringing you the gift of hard seltzer. Quick question: who asked for this?!

Hallmark Channel teamed up with Wines that Rock and have officially launched their own line of wines billed as “a new way for people to enjoy the network’s signature holiday original movies.” And now they’re adding a boozy seltzer to the lineup called "Cheers Rosé Seltzer"

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The seltzer is described as "the perfect pairing for any occasion. Delicious, refreshing citrus with light strawberry. Fine bubbles float over layers of crisp acidity. Elegant and stylish with balance veering towards dry." Now, I'm not a fan of Rosé, but it does have an alcohol by volume of 8.4% so, maybe I'll give it a try.

While the seltzer isn't sold in stores, it is available to order and ships to the U.S. A four pack is available for $16, an entire case with 24 cans is available for $96! Which is a little too rich for my blood, I don't care how much alcohol is in it!

With a variety of hard seltzers out there, I'm sure this one is probably last on the list to try, however, I'm sure if you're in the mood for Christmas in July, this is the perfect pairing.


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