There are a lot of people going wild about the latest news with Topo Chico. Lately, hard seltzers has become a new way to enjoy an adult beverage. There have been different brands jumping on the hard seltzer wagon for some time now. Those brands include Bud Light, Corona, Smirnoff, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Four Loko. The sparkling mineral water brand Topo Chico announced their plans about launching a hard seltzer. According to CNBC Coco-Cola will be releasing its hard seltzer later this year and is expected to launch in the United States in 2021. Bloomberg News confirmed that Topo Chico will be sold first in select cities in Latin America before entering the U.S. This kind of news is huge because this will be Coco-Cola's first alcoholic product in the U.S.

I still yet haven't tried any of the hard seltzer adult beverages quite yet but plan to. But from what I've seen on friends and families newsfeed or stories on social media is they love it. Apparently this is the new kind of drink that has become quite popular with the crowd. In my opinion, Coco-Cola made the right move following the footsteps of the brands I mentioned above. This isn't the first time Coco-Cola distributed adult beverages, their first time was in 1983 for Wine Spectrum. Yesterday Coco-Cola announced their big news that stunned tons of people. All I can say is 2021 is looking better and sweeter and have something else to look forward to. Let's raise our glasses to this exciting news for Coco-Cola's Topo Chico altering to a hard seltzer.

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