This subject seems to have been on every headline and in every news story lately.  It is an important issue and people do need to be educated on it.

Are you truly being educated though?  Or are you just being "led along"?

The president has made his intentions clear.  Now, the rest of our representatives will have to decide what to do or not do.  What do you want your rep to say as your voice?  What side should he or she take?

They're trusted to know what's going on but, before you answer the above questions, are you sure you know as much as you think you do?  Both sides of the gun control debate have used the media quite effectively to get their point across to you and to get you to see the issue their way.

I don't think you should trust the lobbyists, politicians and/or PR firms completely though.  (I won't even ask you to trust ME.) Facts are what you truly need to see, hear and read before you tell Washington what they should do. Or not do.

Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

I recently read, what I consider to be, a fairly balanced article by a man who ... right from the beginning ... says he stands on both sides of the issue.  Believes in the 2nd amendment while also agreeing that maybe certain things should be different. Or re-examined or even (gasp!) eliminated.

He made himself look at honest facts though. Not what the anti-gunners say, not what the pro gunners say ... not what the government thinks and not what the NRA thinks.  He simply took an honest look at the guns vs. no guns argument and the changes being proposed in the name of stopping gun violence.

Read the article and see for yourself what conclusion is reached.  Decide for yourself ... after reading it fully ... if you're still sure about your position.  If you really did know as much as you thought you did.  Has anything changed for you?  Remember:

Educated decisions based on facts.

THAT is what solves problems and finds solutions. Not knee jerk reactions, over simplifications,

media mind control or blind acceptance of what "the man" says.

To really help you out, I added a second link below that you can use to make certain you have the information you need to make good and thoughtful decisions.  Both in debates and/or at the polls!

No hype, no spin ... just facts, statistics, laws and legal precedents.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Again, If you have chosen a side on this issue; you should read these.  They're both kind of long but well worth your time.

(Note from Dubba G:  Any comments, criticisms, etc about this post I will gladly respond to but; there will be questions asked in return. Therefore, if you're gonna say something or start throwing around figures and stats to defend your side; you better have read these things fully first.  There will be a test!)

For those of you who have already ... firmly and forever ... decided what side you're on, I don't merely encourage you to read these.

I dare you!

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