Since the movie Spotlight was released a lot of El Pasoan's were in store for a rude awakening. It was towards the end of the movie that we felt our stomachs turn after reading the credits. There were major abuse scandals that were reported from El Paso, Texas.

After discovering the ugly truth about El Paso being a part of the list put some fear into me. Before my son was old enough we had planned to put him in a Catholic private school. The movie Spotlight was released in 2016 which happened to be the first year my son attended a private school.

This kind of movie would raise all kinds of concern especially after El Paso was one of the cities named. El Paso was featured on the first list, second column, and right dab in the middle.  It was Rev. David A. Holley that abused over 32 boys and was a part of the El Paso Catholic Diocese. If that ever happened to my son I can guarantee I would earn myself a front row seat in hell for harming a Priest.

Just last year they reported 7 Priests were accused of sexual abuse that has ties with El Paso. Being raised Catholic I have gone to confession since I finished Confirmation. We are supposed to confess our sins and wondering if any guilty Priests have confessed their ultimate sin. I still keep my strong faith and attend mass every other Sunday and Pray to find the Priests that are guilty. Share your beliefs down below by placing your two cents in the voting poll!

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