In case you didn't know this, we do have a live stream that you can find over on Facebook. Just head to the Buzz Adams Morning Show Facebook page by CLICKING HERE. Before we were on Facebook, we used to stream live on YouTube. Apparently that YouTube stream was like a dating site because we've heard of multiple couples meeting in the YouTube chat, and even getting married. One such couple is Bianni and Joe. They have since moved away from El Paso to Oklahoma, but still tune in daily to the Facebook live stream. Yesterday, a bit of a spat came to the surface involving a piece of cake.

Rather than me trying to retell the story in my own words. How about we go to the people involved.

Here is Bianni's side of the story:

We were laying on our bed playing Among Us with our friends and Joe tells me he's going to make himself some quesadillas. He walks to the kitchen, then comes back with a big slice of cake (which happens to be the last slice), and places it on our bed.....on MY side of the bed.....RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! He then tells me since he's only had one slice since our son's birthday party on Saturday, I can have half of the cherry on top, then returns to the kitchen. Well, he can't just leave a GIANT slice of dark forest cake in front of me and expect me not to eat it, I mean right? That's not a nice way to taunt you wife, the love of your life! So I ate half the slice. But don't let his side of the story deter you! After eating my half, it was a normal sized slice! So, having said this, who is the a**hole??

And here is Joe's side of the story:

I went to get some quesadillas for dinner as I open the fridge i see a piece of cake that was leftover from my sons bday party

I take the cake out and take it to the room so i can eat it after i eat my quesadillas

The wife sees the cake and gives it a menacing glance, i tell her she can eat half a cherry

I leave and come back with my quesadillas just to find my cake eaten more than half

And her claiming that i gave her permission to eat it

So, you now get to be the judge. Who is the a-hole?


We do have some photo evidence, or actually a reenactment like you'd see on an episode of Forensic Files. These photos come courtesy of Joe.

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