Everyone loves seeing and hearing stories about paranormal activity occurring in El Paso. All of us know a list of places where paranormal activity has been known to happen. Plus, some of us even like personally going out to ghost hunt at those places. There have been quite a few lucky people that are out and about and caught paranormal activity on camera. Luckily for us, we got to see the spook you experienced in real-time then thanks to your proof. For example, some places to name we've all shared with you are El Paso High School, De Soto Hotel, and at the Downtown Hotel. There's another place in El Paso where paranormal activity happens to be a normal thing because of its consistent occurrence according to Haunted Rooms America. The El Paso Playhouse is where you can enjoy a live play and also possibly catch paranormal activity happen right before your eyes.

Haunted Rooms America mentioned that The El Paso Playhouse is one of the spots with constant spooks. When I check that place out I sure as hell won't be using their restroom after reading what they had to say about it. The bathroom for women at The El Paso Playhouse has been known to have paranormal activity on occasion. Apparently, the toilets have flushed all on their own without anyone in the bathroom. That is just one spooky thing from the list of unexplained eerie moments that happen there. Many years ago The El Paso Playhouse caught some unexplained footage that occurred inside. The video above is the evidence The El Paso Playhouse caught during a late night. The video above shows a shadowy figure walking from the curtain to the women's bathroom. Now, I couldn't see it after turning up the brightness on my computer but maybe you will be able to spot it. But if you've witnessed any paranormal activity feel free to share where in the poll below.

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