We have finally hit the spookiest time of the year that Halloween fanatics have been waiting for. I enjoy time this of the year simply for the spooky movies and shows that come out. Usually, this time of year is also the time to go on ghost tours and witness some spooky stuff. There is one particular place that is guaranteed to give you a scare. You've seen weird paranormal things happen at a hotel located Downtown and at El Paso High School. Well, one place that definitely has all sorts of paranormal activity that was caught on camera is the De Soto Hotel. Just stepping into that place gives you a weird and creepy vibe. But that is the kind of atmosphere we love exploring especially on ghost tours. The De Soto Hotel's tenants definitely had their share of paranormal activity for quite some time. They also have their own share of stories to tell about things they hear and see.

There was one show that comes out on the Travel channel that even witnessed a couple of scary events. Ghost Adventures were in El Paso and investigating the paranormal activity at De Soto Hotel. They managed to capture some chilling events on camera to share for all of us to see. About 3 minutes and 51 seconds in you will see the unimaginable happen in the video from Spook above. Some people have that mindset of seeing is believing and Ghost Adventures taught me to believe about De Soto Hotel. If there ever comes a time when you see a ghost tour coming up for De Soto Hotel, do it.

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