Yep, that's me in the booking photo. 'Cause I got booked. Dumbass. The story in the El Paso Times is true -- with one correction. The check I bounced wasn't last year, it was in 2011. That's right, two years of dumbassery.

Oh well, I can expect nothing different than what the KLAQ Morning Show's been dishing out, even this last week. No special treatment was requested, nor did I receive any.

I'd like to say this was just part of my never-ending quest for street cred, but sadly, that is not true. When the county sent me a nice note a couple of Novembers ago, I just figured I'd wait until the next amnesty period. But I forgot. Until I was reminded by an El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy.

The Wiles Bunch does a great job, by the way. It's not a pleasant experience -- neither sending nor being sent to jail -- nor should it be; but they do their jobs well, as do the folks at the county jail.

I won't be checking into rehab. I won't be going on with Dr. Drew. I thought about changing my last name to "Gandara", but probably not. I WILL, however, remind you that the City of El Paso's Amnesty Week begins Monday, Feb. 24 and runs through March 9.

In radio, we'd call that a nice segue, not to be confused with the geeky scooters. It kind of flows into what is, hopefully, a good reminder for all of us to take care of those outstanding tickets and warrants.

Although my deal-i-o is a county issue, if I've reminded you to take care of your city business and you happen to see me in line as I'm paying my fine, too, come say hi. I think we'll both feel better getting something done that we should have.

By the way, Shout out to my homies in County! ¿Y qué?