Well, today Don McLean can finally write a song about me because it is the day the 'laughter' has died, folks. I've been told from a young age that I have a strange and loud laugh. When something really cracked me up in highschool my girlfriend would call "it" my "psycho-laugh."

I would argue that it's hereditary because people have said, and I can testify to this, that my lovely Mother has one of the craziest laughs in West Texas. [Insert segment of Mom cracking up.] [Nevermind, she's too shy apparently.]



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"A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing." - Herman Melville



Like any well read college dropout, I appreciate Herman Melville, but I've had a lot of time to realize that maybe my mighty laugh is TOO much of a BAD thing.

I love laughing. Let me repeat that. I LOVE laughing. It is the single greatest joy of my life and it's the reason I became a standup comic in the first place. After working in a busy and depressing emergency department for several years I realized that laughing was all I wanted to do, so I sought out other people who  wanted to laugh.

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But, throughout the years, listeners have commented, complained, and plain ol' roasted me for having a loud and obnoxious laugh. Just so everyone knows, ugh, I'm aware of this BUT... it doesn't matter because I can't do anything about it, yo!


Or can I? Since I've been hired, I've developed the habit of listening to the Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast everyday, and you know what I noticed? My laugh IS ANNOYING & more importantly DISTRACTING!

If somebody was out in public and came up to me and asked me to keep my laughter down I might say something rude in response. But as a listener of a radio program who's enjoying a show based on the theater of the mind, I now see how my piercing exaggerated-sounding laugh could take you out of it.



What I'm saying to your dear El Paso listeners is that I too am a listener, and not only have I listened to YOU but now I've listened to MYSELF! In the future, I will cut off all loud and unnecessary laughter. I will be conscious of how cringe I'm being, and... I'll probably still laugh weird.

My APOLOGIES in advance.

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