If you have used Scenic Drive as your route to get from one side of town to the other, then you noticed a couple of changes. For a few months, Scenic Drive has had a few accidents occur on that lovely route with a scenic view. I frequently use Scenic Drive as my typical route if I don't have appointments to go to after work.

Well, about a month ago there were quite a few spots on the rock wall along Scenic Drive that were crashed into. Those spots had stayed broken for quite some time until just recently when they were fixed. Either some people are driving too fast or just driving while intoxicated.

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But either way, there is something new you will see in two areas of Scenic Drive. There are two digital speed limit signs posted up on Scenic Drive. One sign is close by and just before you reach the flags and parking area.

Then the other digital speed limit sign is closer to the other entrance near the Central area. For someone who has been using Scenic Drive a lot, I noticed the signs right away. But it had me wondering if the City of El Paso is getting tired of having to fix the rock wall so much.

In my opinion, I believe they posted these digital signs thinking drivers will drive more carefully. But we all know a lot of drivers that ignore the speed limit and go at their own speed regardless of those signs.

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