There are some families that would take part in hanging the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree. While some have no clue what the pickle ornament tradition really is. As a child, I always became really competitive while searching for the pickle ornament on the tree. The reason why my sister and I were like hunters on Christmas was because of the pickle ornament. We wouldn't open presents until one of us found the pickle ornament that was hanging on the tree.

Not a lot of people know about the tradition behind the pickle ornament that is hung on the tree. I was talking to someone asking if they grew up with that tradition and they had never heard of it. Basically, the night before Christmas the pickle ornament is hung up in a hidden spot on the tree. On Christmas Day whoever locates where the ornament is hidden will receive an extra gift from Santa or have a good year of fortune. If you ever participated in this Christmas tradition take the poll below.

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