For Valentine's Day, we held a contest that was simple. All you had to do to win was download the free KLAQ mobile app (if you didn't already have it) and send in two words: enter me. It was that simple.

The contest was totally random- meaning we just chose one "enter me" at random and that was our winner- our winner by the way looked like they had a wonderful time on with their Valentine's gift.

Because it was totally random, it didn't matter what you put as long as the words "enter me" were in the message. However, some of you got real creative with the messages.

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Whatever else you put in the message didn't matter, but dammit, we appreciated it.

There were the basic polite ones that had please like: "please enter me" or "enter me, please" which were nice, and consensual (I'm all about consent). But then some of you went above and beyond. You all couldn't win, but you're all winners in my heart. Here are some of my favorite "enter me" submissions:

  • In Dos X guy voice: Enter me and enter in you
  • Good morning. May I please be entered into the Valentine's contest?
  • Enter me💖
  • Enter me pretty please
  • Enter me por favor
  • Enter me s’il vous plait merci
  • Enter Me Giggity
  • Enter me. Don't question it just do it!
  • *romantic voice* Enter me ☺️
  • Did my “enter me” get approved? I can type it more provocatively if you want
  • Enter me little buzz buzz
  • Enter me!! (Is it in yet?!)
  • Enter me please, so I will be able to enter her!!
  • Is today a good day to enter me
  • I want to give you a hug, As well as buy you a butt plug. But if you think it feels like a splinter, see... Then you can just enter me
  • Enter Me (no homo, bruh)
  • I haven't been the same since you ENTER ME
  • I had to create an account just to put. Please Enter Me
  • Enter me. Repeatedly.
  • Enter me please morning show
  • Enter Me please Joanna. By the way I'm glad you're laugh is back and that you’re over getting picked on for your "Dolphin laugh"
  • Do I have permission and consent to enter me

Thank you for the laughs! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with for our next contest.

You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition

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